About our Quaker Meeting

Our Meeting is quite small, and friendly (also Friendly).  We meet at10am on Sunday mornings at Andrews House, the corner of Franklin and
Winter Streets.  We usually have a potluck on the second Sunday, after
Meeting, and Meeting for Business right after Meeting for Worship on
the 1st Sunday of the month.

Childcare is available every Sunday.

We have a library cupboard with books you could look at, and shorter
printed pamphlets we will be glad to give you.

Our Meeting follows the custom of gathering in silence,  and if
someone is moved to speak, they do so. Our Meeting is most often
quiet, but I experience a deep sense of the Spirit in that silence.
We have  co-clerks to keep track of business matters and a treasurer
who kindly takes care of financial matters, and I am the contact
person; we generally share responsibilities for the care of the
Meeting.  We do not have a minister, Quakers believing that all
persons are capable of ministry.  Other branches of Quakerism have
ministers or pastors.

Please come to visit. We'd love to meet you.  We generally meet for
about an hour, and visit while we are gathering.  People in our
Meeting come from Delaware County as well as Gambier, Westerville and
Columbus, and we are a small group as meetings go.

I would be glad for you to call if you have other questions, or need
additional information to find us.  My phone is 740-362-8921.


Marianne Derr

Our Affiliations

The Delaware Friends Meeting is affiliated with Friends General Conference (FCG) and a member of Lake Erie Yearly Meeting (LEYM).

To learn more about quakerism here are a few helpful web addresses